Important: Each user connecting to our web site is asked to read our Privacy Policy carefully. It applies each time you visit our site, surf our pages or use our services, regardless of which product you purchase. 
This area also contains important indications about privacy and the security systems adopted by our web site. 

Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni has its registered office in Ascoli Piceno Largo dei Fiordalisi 3, VAT code: p.iva. 02179820440……, owner of the web site www.tailoreditalian.com . 
Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni will use personal data in confirmity with Italian law with particular reference to the privacy law for the protection of personal data (D. Lgs. 30.06.2003 n. 196) that regulates the treatment of personal data (even abroad), made by anyone living or with registered office inItaly.


The personal data of each user, whether using the services offered by this company on the site or only surfing its pages, are protected; therefore the user will be informed that the giving of his personal data for the identification is an option and not an obligation. Every user who accesses the site has the right to be informed about the collection and treatment of his personal data. Each user has always the right to get from Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni data relating: 
· update, correction, integration of his personal data;
· cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or blocking of his personal data if used against the law, even those that do not need to be kept with the purposes they were collected and/or subsequently processed Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni · the affirmation that what above mentioned is known by those who the data were communicated to, except if it was impossible performing it or excessive means were needed.


The user can always exercise the right of opposition, totally or partially, for legitimatereasons: 
· processing of personal data, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection;
· the
processing of personal data to send ads or direct marketing mailings, or if used for market surveys or commercial communications.
The user may freely exercise his rights at any time by sending a written request to Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni – address: Largo dei Fiordalisi 3 Ascoli Piceno – Italy; or to the e-mail address info@tailoreditalian.com, and we will promptly reply.
Please use the addresses mentioned above also to communicate changes of personal data.

We wish to inform you that the Privacy law for the protection of personal data (Art. 130, paragraph 4, Legislative Decree 196/2003) allows Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni without any obligation to obtain your prior consent to use your data for direct selling activities involving products similar to those you have already purchased, unless you refuse to allow such use of your e-mail address.

Italian Privacy Authority Provision of 19 June 2008 on simplification of requirements for processing operations for administrative or accounting purposes. We also wish to inform you that the Italian Privacy Authority’s provision allows Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni to use your postal address to send you with administrative and accounting documents ads about products similar to those you have already purchased, unless you refuse to allow such use of your address.

What is mentioned above is the minimum information Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni is obliged to give you: for any further information about the processing of your personal data by Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni, please read the whole Privacy Policy.


The user can ask Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni if there are personal data concerning him/her, whether or not already registered, and the intelligible communication of the same; aims and methods of use and handling, details of the owner and the person in charge of the data processing, indication of the recipients or categories of subjects whom the personal data may be communicated to or who can become aware of, who is the responsible of the treatment. 

The user will be also informed if the data are essential for the service offered on the site, or for the customer service and in particular the impossibility to start the order of purchase of the requested products. 
Users will also be expressly informed if the requested personal data are essential in order to benefit of the service offered by the site (Personal data, E-mail address, telephone number, user ID, password, Credit Card data, Bank details etc.).
If the customer refuses giving his personal data, which are considered obligatory, it will be impossible to complete the service; for example, Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni may not execute the purchase contract of the products on
 www.tailoreditalian.com or provide any other service (customer service, sending of newsletter). 

Providing non-obligatory data is optional and has no consequences for the final service. Some operations of data processing, both with automatic and non electronic communication means, are consistent with the purpose of the services for the clients, such as executions of fiscal, contributing, retributive, insurance, charitable obligations and/or any other obligation concerning or deriving the use of the site. 
The configuration of
 www.tailoreditalian.com reduces the use of the personal data as much as possible. They can be treated both with electronic and paper means and they will be conserved just for the time necessary to complete the service they are collected and processed for; Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni will not use them when anonymous data are sufficient to complete the service or through different means that allow the identification of the client, but only when strictly necessary or if the police asked for them. 

Personal data will not be communicated to a third party without the expressed consent of the client, out of the law ; they will be communicated to a third party only when it is strictly necessary for the execution of the contract. 

Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni named a Person in charge for the treatment of personal data, for own organizing needs; the person in charge uses and processes the personal data of the users following the instructions of the owner and respecting the law, also in the security profile. 
(person/company in charge for personal data is Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni

Largo dei Fiordalisi 3 ascoli Piceno- Italy ; 
– the person in charge will use the personal data only for the purposes mentioned above; personal data will therefore be spread publicly only with an expressed request and with the consent of the user, and only for the services offered by Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni.

Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni will periodically control the person in charge, making sure it respects the given directions. 

– If Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni is asked to process data of a third party which were given by the user (for example: a product that has to be sent to a friend) Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni will send the third party the legislation of D.Lgs 196/03 (art.13), from the very moment his/her data are registered. The user must, however, have the consent of the third party and inform Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni of the privacy, since the user is, in this case, the only responsible person for a non-authorized communication of data, or for their use against the law or incorrect. This obligation does not exist if the contract is concluded in favor of the third party.
The data of the user will not be transferred to countries that are not EU-countries or U.S.A. and in these only if they are under an adequate guardianship. If the data transfer is necessary in order to purchase products or offer a service, it will be done to non EU-countries only with conclusions of specific contracts between Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni and these countries, in compliance with the law in force.
www.tailoreditalian.com also uses automatic systems for information gathering that is not directly given by the user, the so called ‘cookies’. They are small pieces of text stored on a user’s computer by a web browser. They do not have intelligible information but it can associate the user to the personal data left on the site. Cookies are different for each user and they can be red only by the server they were created by. Each cookie is in the server of Tommyes Group di Tommaso Citeroni and no one can access its information. 
Therefore if the user joins the site, a cookie will recognize his/her specific information when he/she later logs in. If users log in the site the information already given can be used so that they can use the personalized system.

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